Municipal Engineering
--The material foundation to the survival and development of the city
Municipal Engineering refers to all kinds of public transport facilities in the city construction, water supply, drainage, gas, urban flood defence, environmental sanitation, lighting and other infrastructure construction, which is an essential material basis for the survival and development of city, and which is also the basic conditions to improve people's living standards and opening up. Municipal works include: urban roads, bridges, water supply and drainage, sewage treatment, urban flood
Steel Structure Engineering
--It has so many superiority such as earthquake resistance, wind resistance, durability, insulation, sound insulation, environmental protection, energy conservation, etc.
Steel structure engineering is mainly constructed by steel structure,which is consisted of steel beams, steel columns, and steel truss components that are made of profile steels and steel plates.  Every component or part usually adopts weld joint, screw bolt or clinch bolt to connect. The steel structure engineering is one of the main tapes of building structures.Because of its lighter weight and convenient operation, it is widely used in large factory buildings, bridges, stadiums and oth
Waterproofing Engineering
--It’s so safe and reliable that it can efficiently prevent the buildings from water corrosion
Moisture is found in some form or another on every building site. The difference between a satisfied owner and a “problem” project is how you deal with that moisture. Critical to concrete waterproofing are all the products used in combination to create a system. It’s this system that ensures that you have complete control of moisture migration in a facility. With Royal Construction's complete line of waterproofing and moisture control products, you’ll have all the products needed to create and
Epoxy Terrazzo
--It likes a magnificent spirit that is full of vitality and creativity
Epoxy Terrazzo through the aesthetic forms, in combination with other elements of the ground and space, constitutes a rich natural environment for commerce. The  flooring makes the commercial space be more tasteful,leaving a wonderful visual enjoyment of beauty for you.
Based in Moraine, Ohio, Royal Construction Inc. is the general contractor company, including design, construction and management, which mainly provides overall flooring system, steel structure system, waterproofing system, LED lighting system and other services.Standing in the United States, serving the global human beings.Royal Construction Inc. is backed up by the strong expertise and over a decade of experiences of its affiliated company--Fuzhou Royal Floor Co., Ltd. , one of the leading flooring materials, engineering and construction service providers in China (the “Company”).  The Company was founded in 2003 and incorporated on June 25, 2007. MORE >>
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